Meaning of Love

I love you.
For me this sentence, specifically the word “LOVE” has many meanings. Love means affection for someone dear, as per dictionary.
I guess I know much more than a dictionary about this word.
Childhood, It all starts from here. God granted me A beautiful caring mother & a hardcover but softcore father. Maa used to say i love u son almost everytime, when I sed to return from school, when I dress up in new clothes, when I use to play petty pranks, when I used to narrate her every bit how I scored a four in park today. Everytime. I used to think Mom love me more than dad. I used to kiss her & tease dad. “He didn’t stand a chance against me.” I thought.
I saw the movie Kuch kuch hota hai in which Sharukh said, Love happens Once. Yay, I’m only one loved by mom.

Then I my brother was born & my life was doomed. She said to him I love you. That moment I concluded one person can love two or more people too, A feature of all mothers.  Motherly Love.


I grew up to be the eldest brother & during our fights mom used to scold me n say you should love your brother too. The next kind of love, Brotherly love.


The next stage was teenage. I started interacting with the girls in class. One used to play with my hair, I love your hair she would say. That night I thought Why God? Why just my hair? Why not me? I was jealous.


Within few years, my eyes met another pair of opposite sex. Shit! I’m doomed in love. The wind blew much faster, the birds chirped more, the breeze was more cool even the teachers looked nice. I got into relationship. Yes, this is love as shown in movies. It’s got to be love.
But then she left me telling it as a mere attraction. Flet like stabbed with the sword like that in Prince of Persia Game.
The moment I realized every attraction is not love.


Sad songs, lone walks & no sleep. I was almost in depression when my friend showed up. She was kinda crazy & had lot of positive energy. She kicked my butt & pull me together. Yes I’m awesome, I was back to normal in 2 days. Yeah we used to spend hours together. We loved each other company. I thought my friend loves me. Next week I proposed her, she said I love u like a friend. WTH man? Love & friend in same sentence. The moment when I found friendly love & discovered Friendzone.


So then what is love? I got the answer in 11th standard when I fell for a girl in commerce stream. She was awesome. We dated & got into relationship. Finally I get Love. Love which was pure & mutual. After spending 2 years in love like a stupid in love guy, my relationship status changed. She left me saying she doesn’t love me anymore. The moment I realized LOVE can CHANGE.


Now I’m in college & falling in day to day crushes with every new girl coming across. But love, it’s an unknown mystery for me till now.
Till then falling numerous in one sided love or lust & numeous freindzones too 😀 Well I don’t give up. 😛
As per a dialogue, “LOVE WILL FIND IT’S WAY.” 😀
Love can happen multiple times. Keep loving. 😉


Be happy 🙂


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