Happy beginning

The late night walk, a beer & stars. Isn’t that what everyone wants. The silent streets of New jersey as quiet as my life. I already had few sips of the drink. My mind already hazed around few images of past. The silence was a perfect setting for nostalgia. I sat down on the bench while my mind wandered somewhere else.

Back to the reality I felt dizzy after all that beer & remembering the sad stuff. I looked at the stars. I wish to be just like ’em.  Just like one lost star.
Just then, I heard someone’s voice loud & clear as of a girl singing. I moved my butt & started to move in that direction. I saw a beautiful girl with a guitar & beer beside. She was a pretty nice singer. She noticed me & shook her beer bottle to me. I offered my beer to her.
Alcohol makes friends faster.

She smiled & sipped the beer. She looked beautiful.
“So what’s your story”
I was shocked. I didn’t expect that. She continued, “Well you are here at this point of time with beer. Something’s up. Isn’t it? I guess love sort of stuff”
I smiled & said “I’ve never been in love.”
She sensed the lie through my eyes. She shared the beer & smiled.
“What’s your story?” I asked without hesitation.
“You can’t ask random questions to a stranger” she winked back.
“You see that beer, we are friends.”
“Witty enough.”
“I’m Vinay, nice to see you.”
“I’m Shreya & by the way it’s nice to meet you not see you mister.” She chuckled.
“No, It’s nice to see you. You are beautiful. Way too beautiful under the moonlight.” I smiled. It was a long time since I used words like beautiful. The breeze gave a subtle feeling.
She smiled back. “You know how to play with words. Writer sort of stuff.”
“Well thanks.”
Silence fell upon us. She started playing her guitar & I listened as well as noticed her expressions. She sang “A thousand years.” so well that I couldn’t make any difference between original & her song. I clapped & she bowed. Our exchanges of smiles was the moment I cherished. We sat together looking upto the stary sky. She pointed the brightest one & the one with little glimmer. While I stared her face. She asked me a question pointing towards the glim one “Why is that so sad?”
I smiled & said “Sometimes sadness is blissful” & From her eyes I could make out she was curious to know about me.
“That didn’t answer my question, mr. Writer.” She chuckled.
“Let’s save it for another day or another starry night.” I smiled.
Even the beer finished. We exchanged contacts & left.
I was amazed at myself. Being around people wasn’t my kind but tonight was different.
I bid adieu to the lost star.
The night had a happy ending or
Rather a happy beginning.


~The Anonymous in me


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