New Year

Walked down the street tonight. What I saw was a dog & an old man gazing at the sky. The man wore an old jacket & a hat. Beer beside. The thing that caught my attention was the dog. He wore the same hat & a dog coat. They both were looking at the sky. It intrigued me in a peculiar way. So I stopped by to talk

“Hey gramps. What are you doing out here in this cold night?”
“I’m looking at my love”
“The sky?”
“No.. Look at that star. The one shining bright”
” It’s the new years eve gramps. Shouldn’t you go back to the family?”
“I’m with my family”  he patted the dog.
“What’s his name?”
“Is Marco looking at his beloved too?”
“No.. He’s looking at her”
“So he knows which one she is?”
“Yes he does son. His love might be more stronger than mine” There was a sense of peace while talking to him. The dog shifted & crawled into my lap while I sat beside the man. “He likes you son.”

“So gramps, How was She?”
The old man smiled. I could see the love mustered up in his smile.

“Marie. She was an amazing woman. The one that a guy dreams of. Someone who comes in this world just for spreading happiness. She was adorable, her smile made the sun shine & the moon sparkle. Her beauty was that of a flower blossoming over & over again. The one with the best eyes, those black eyes were my centre of universe. This amazing woman was my wife & Marco’s mother. She was the heartbeat of our life.”

“She must’ve been wonderful”
“Indeed. We stayed here together for a long time. Marco here was the child she loved the most. See these hats, these were her gifts to us. Her love. We miss our star. ” the old man had that look in his eyes. That look of pain, regret & dissatisfaction. The look of someone who left things unsaid. ” Don’t you have someone you love?”
“I have. Someone.”
The old man looked at me, smiled & said “Make sure you say everything you want to”
“Yes” I was amazed at his observation skills. Though I was never good at the poker face. “If you suffered so much pain, why don’t you leave? Go to some place & start over”
“You young ones are so stupid. A bad job? I want to escape. A bad relationship? I want to escape. A setback? I want to escape. You are so naive. Escaping life for such small things. Try Staying. Don’t start over. Stay there, improvise & improve, then carry on finding the meaning of this meaningless life.” I felt like talking to my own father.
“Is it the alcohol speaking?”
“No.. It’s the experience dumbass” he winked.
“At the start of every new year she smiles & lits up the sky. Me & Marco comes here to see her smile”
“It’s almost time then.”
“Yes. She’s about to smile” He removed his hat & held marco tightly.

The clock struck 12.
The fireworks covered the sky and there, I saw three smiles, the old man’s, the dog’s & hers… ^.^

~The Anonymous in me


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