One of his memories

“I met her tonight. Actually, ran into her at the metro. To my surprise she hasn’t aged a bit. Instead she has grown into a fine lady.

 Her hair looked as great as ever. As messed up as ever. Her eyes were warm. I remembered that blush, dimples & her smile.. Oh her smile, the one that melted my heart.. Her luminous aura removed the darkness around me. I was mesmerized again. But.. Something changed.. Her eyes hid something.

It had been years since we talked, since she had a marraige, since my one-sided love became solitude, since I loved.
We chatted for about an hour & all I remembered was staring at her again. I don’t recall her looking so beautiful in the past. She invited me to dinner at her home which I rejected. She is married. 

The idea of meeting her husband made me feel woeful just like it did when she was getting married. The idea of losing her, idea of another man, not being her choice had made me felt crestfallen. 

And at that moment I wasn’t ready for another heart rend so I refused the proposal. But then she insisted which made me agree to her terms.

 You know you can’t win against someone you love.
Later that night I crashed onto her place looking as decent as I could. Showed up with the best bunch of flowers I could find. There she was again with the messed up hair & that cute smile. 

Overwhelmed by her presence I greeted her with flowers & the smile. She chatted a lot. I learnt she had a divorce an year before & never had kids. I was happy & sad at the same time. At the age of 38 she was a divorcee with a successfull career & looks of a queen while at the age of 35 I was living dressed like a beggar in a fancy house. 

After the dinner we shared our old experiences, had a karaoke event & drank at the terrace. 

Her singing was terrible but her voice made me feel alive, instantly those were the best songs I ever heard. I fell for a 38 year old kid & the naught of that moment made me feel silly.

I loved every bit of that night. After every kind of event I stood up to leave & she led me to the door. We hugged & then… The moment paused.. I grabbed her face & kissed her forehead while she just stood there.. She glanced into my eyes asking for more & we poured the bottled up love in a single kiss.

 It was love. The thing I hated, feared so far was found within my first love. 

Ecstasy took over my mind & it was so good to be true. I asked her if I had died & went to heaven or was I dreaming? She had laughed hard & pulled me closer.
Today was the beginning..”

I sat there awestruck holding my brother’s diary, reading the last of his memory…


~The Anonymous in me


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