Clouds roared while he walked across the street. The extravagant kids circled around the street clown while their parents hushed them & took them back. It’s that time of the year. Monsoon, taking  over Northern India again. While some hated the rain, some played whereas it was different with him. It was blissful. It was the time when he embraced everything he lost, cherished each one of his fears, chatted with his demons. He never prayed to the fake individual above the skies. He neither was driven with hate towards the so called almighty. He thought all the things happening were the result of his own actions. His heart was stone cold, he never cried. Even after death of his family. He repented over why his choice to stay home that day. The landslide had gotten better part of his life. The only one he loved.
So usually he just dreamt of having a family like the one he had. However that incident broke him beyond the extent of recognition. Like the iron forged in heat, he became the mountain in the storm.

Strolling towards the park he walked into her. Enjoying the rain, dancing with other kids. The cute look on her face was that as same as of a baby, tender lips. He watched her awestruck while raindrops caressed her skin gently. It was the first time when his smiled popped out in that gloomy season.
He watched rather stared at her braids Thinking how something so common could be so beautiful? His heart responded in an  uncanny manner. Until now he wasn’t suppose to fall in love, neither keep close ones.
Besides ,she was the light. The flicker of life in absolute darkness. The love of many lives. Giving hope to everyone like the last daughter of Krypton. Her eyes met his & he felldreadfully. He knew that wave had hit him hard, harder than any type of hurricane in the history. She danced with an amazing grace with eyes transfixed on him.
He knew she was going to say something as if she will remove the black cloud above him. He went close to her & greeted with a smile. She responded with hers. She gestured him to dance. However, dance was terrifying for him. So he shook his head & just clapped, giving beats to the mute dance. The rain stopped & sunlight peeked down from clouds. Sunlight struck on her face & she overshadowed the sun. Her wet hair was dripping. He stood dazzled and skipped few beats everytime she smiled. She waved goodbye & he couldn’t think of anything that would make her stay.
He wished to see her again.
Despite his board meetings, audits & work, he somehow took out crumb of his time to walk to that park in search of her. Everyday he waited for her, everyday his hopes got dimmer & dimmer. The light in him began to lose intensity. Just when he was about to give up a kid in the park came to him & handed him a slip.

“Hey, I know you’ve been waiting for me to show up. I won’t. I notice you coming here everyday looking for someone. At first I thought you were looking for someone else but later I realised you wanted to meet me. Now you are probably wondering how did I know. The kids, they are my friends. They told me about you, the first time I saw you was when you were drenched in rain. As someone who’s into a sad movie or something. But then you smiled & I actually had a thought about having you join us. You didn’t. Now you are wondering I talk alot. Well actually I do. I’m a mute person. So I do the talking by writing & actions. Are you disappointed? I hope not.
I’ve been mute since my birth. Everyone despised me. Mocked me. Hey it’s very normal for a person like me. It’s just the order, right? Strong oppresses the weak & that shit. I’ve been confined to a lonely childhood only with my mother by my side & a difficult adolescence. I’m afraid of people. I mean adults, however these children are my only companions. Now you are wondering why I’m telling you this. I liked you. Your eyes had some sort of kindness. Something I’ve never seen in others. It’s actually very strange for me though, confessions I mean. You are my crush. I wonder if it’s as hard to say as it is to write. I feel dumb. I come to this park everyday watching you from shadows. Afraid of being accepted. I don’t know if you like me or not. Even if you do, I don’t know if your opinion has changed after discovering my disability. It’s hard to write this down. I wonder if it’s the same while speaking. If you want to come talk to me, I would love hearing your voice and if you don’t crush this paper right now. I’m not expecting anything. Just wanted to tell you, you’ve been on my mind lately. It’s same as the stories say. You should know you are the kind of aphrodisiac I will love to getting addicted to. Ahh, there I go talking/writing alot again. Sorry :p
Will wait for your reply.
I’m sorry, I forgot to mention my name :p
I’m Shreya. Wish to hear you soon cute guy.”

He stood there still. Still pondering over everything he just read. Mute? Strange? I’m cute? Couldn’t help but smile. Looked up, the day was clear. The rain was gone. He immediately called the cab.
“Where to, Sir?”
“Here!” showing the address on the back of letter.

Somewhere the mute clouds pour the melodious droplets.


~The Anonymous in me


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