At last

“I’m going to flip. I don’t know what to do! It’s havoc in here” she pointed to her head.
I smiled, “You are fine.. you are not a mess.. and even if you are, you are a strong, beautiful mess.. doesn’t matter what you are going through, the fact that you smile makes you invulnerable.. so be the same beautiful mess for me.. ‘coz you being yourself is bliss to me.”
“Dude, stop being such a nice douche”
“What’s a nice douche?”
“You. Bc!”
“No swearing Bc!”
” Funk you”
“Yeah, whatever”
“Seriously man, How do you have so much of patience? I know you have been waiting for me for a long time now.” She stared in my eyes while opening another can.
“You are drunk. Let’s get off the terrace.”
“You can’t avoid it Vinay. It’s the question you have to answer” her eyes pierced right through mine.
Patience you say? No, I’m not patient at all. When you smile, when you dance, when u laugh, when u sing, I watch you, I stare, notice every transition in your mood, in your heart. My whole world runs according to you.. I want to hug you tight, pour my heart out and lie right beside you. But.. but then I see you and my heart aches, at the most peculiar times, remember when you baked that cake? the one which was perfect? that moment I knew I wanted you.. but I realized dreaming for someone so perfect is impossible let alone being with you..” I looked at her and her gaze turned towards her beer. I shifted mine towards the sky.

“I admit that cake was perfect but don’t you remember how did I look after baking.. my hair had flour and my face had the baking powder especially my nose looked so bad ”
“That’s perfect. That’s you. Definition of perfect isn’t good looking, it’s being original. You remember when you wore makeup for a wedding and I laughed too hard?”
“Yeah. I wanted to kill you that day. ‘coz of you I had to remove that makeup.”
“And you looked more beautiful after that.”
“So, feel like drunk now?”
“You didn’t answer my question. How are you so patient? ”
“I told you I’m not. I restrain myself from showing my feelings”
“Then why did you say everything right now?”
“Because Shreya, I’m not waiting anymore.”
“So are you like going to propose me? wait! Did you put a ring in my beer? I’ll fucking kill you!”
“Hahaha! Oh god! I’m not going to ruin your beer. Chill, what I meant is I’m giving up. I quit.”
“Oh. So that means you found someone else, right?”

“No I didn’t. I quit because I don’t see a tinch of hope. I’ll keep doing mundane tasks to get you and you will never be mine. Just saving myself from further destruction.”

“Behold the power of goddess of destruction”
“Hahaha, I’m doomed! ”
“Vinay, what if I want to destruct you?” she mumbled
“What? Is it the alcohol speaking?”
“Naah, it’s me. I’ve known you for like ages, I have grown with you, I know you inside out, it makes sense right?”
“What do you want?” my heart pounded
“I told you, to destruct you to the point where you plead mercy to me!” she laughed *evil one*
“Serious here”
“Yeah I know that dead serious look, I’m saying somewhere along the way, maybe I fell for you too.. maybe, just maybe.
“My beer’s finished. Off to home”
“Bitch, get to your knees & propose me right now or die”
“This is an order” She stood and stared straight through my eyes.
“Then let me play some music first” *If we die tonight plays* I started singing “Feeling like we used to, older than we ever were-”
“Wait!! Your voice is horrible”
-If we die tonight I meet you on the other side, if we die tonight It’ll still be morning”
“-Stop! My ears!”
I held her hand *knee bend* “Would you like to be the person who makes me breakfast every morning, my cheerleader when I play football, Vanessa to my Deadpool and promise to share half the burger with me as well listen to my songs?
“Wow. Deadpool? This is a very absurd proposal”
“The most honest one”
I would love to, except that last part ” chuckling she hugged me.

At last , her surreal universe finally merged mine.



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