The Birthday

“Hey, Happy b’day my bitch, Happy b’day to you, lalalalala” She sang.
“Hahaha, thanks ”
“So what are your plans? Where is my party?”
“Plans for what? ”
“The official dumbass day”
“I ain’t celebrating”
“Why not? It’s your fuckin birthday dude.”
“Celebrating another year getting close to death is very sensible, I’m elated by this fact”
“Enough with the sarcasm, think of it as a victory for surviving the year with me” I could listen her, chuckling.
“Yeah that’s a nice way of looking at it. However you ain’t scary at all.”
“Hmph! I am! Anyway let’s meet up”
“What? Now? It’s midnight.”
“So? You live in a PG, so do I. You can bail out”
“What are you implying?”

“Stop your perverse thoughts right there! I’ll be reaching your flat in 30 minutes, get ready'”
“Do I have to?”
“Yes, I’ll kill you if you don’t.” She hung up.
I couldn’t resist anymore, the idea of spending a night out with her brought smile to my soul. I dreamt of having a night out with her, unexpectedly it’s coming true. I waited for her to arrive at my doorstep.

And there she was, my witch in a black rob riding a bike. The witch had a glow, like the evil ones. It scared me as well as made me feel delighted. She looked just like life.

“Happy b’day dude, now come on!” She shouted.
“Coming” dazzled by my companion I dragged myself to the back seat.
“So, where are we going?”
“Anywhere quiet”
“Dude, we are in Dehradun, there are forests most of the area, even the roads are quiet at this time”
“Maybe we should grab some beer and head to the cliff then?”
“No beer. We are going to the cliff right away.” I let her win. Of course letting her win, watching her victory laugh is my win. So I rode on her bike around midnight in the lone roads of Dehradun, quite a b’day.

“This is the best place ever.”
“Yass” she hissed
“Doing that doesn’t make you scary.”
“So, what present would you like?” She asked.

What present? This moment! This time! The glow of moonlight on your face, the gush of wind by your hair, your fragrance, the flick of your hair over your eye, the way you tuck ’em behind your ear, the maroon earrings, the tiny nose, the black eyes and your presence. This is my present, my gift, my heart.

“Hello? Sleepy head?”
“Ahh, Sorry, kinda zoned out”
“So what would you like?”
“I don’t need anything.” I looked at her face and knew exactly what I needed, what I craved, what I wanted.
“C’mon, anything!”
“All right, then how about a song?”
“No! You want me to sing? Me?”
“Well yeah, we don’t have anything else to do though”
“C’mon ask something better”
“Then how about you stand and sing?”
“I hate you”
“I know”

And then she sang, the most meticulous voice one can think of, the night lily blossomed, the wind turned into breeze just to listen her voice, the nature was mesmerized and me? I was in a state of bliss, ecstasy and the exotic moment captured it all.
Delighted” I smiled.
“If I was in your place, I would’ve asked for a better gift”
“Hahaha Like what? A pair of boots?” I laughed hard.
“A better present like you.” She sat down with me, held my arms and closed her eyes. I was stunned, amazed and couldn’t muster up a subtle reply.
“You have me already” I replied as calmly as I could. The night grew darker and each of us got an unexpected present. The b’day celebration was nonpareil.
Her subtle ocean somehow calmed my violent cyclone.

*phone rings*
“Hey, happy b’day to you, happy b’day to you” she sang.
“Hahaha, thanks.”
“So what are your plans?”
“Nada. Just wrote another fiction.”



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