“Hey dad,

Sorry, I hope I didn’t ,wake you up, Did I? I’m in a dilemma, I don’t know what to do and only a hero can help me. Please help me. When I was little, you taught me to pursue my dreams, never let them go. I was taught how to find my path. You called me the little princess, that I can get whatever I want but that’s a lie. I’m more of a slave than a princess. I was born your princess but with a heart of a prince, I want to be the knight but society shapes me into a slave with inhibitions.

I want to be a professional boxer daddy but society and mama thinks it’s not right for a girl to be one. I don’t know cooking, I don’t like cooking. I like playing football, I like boxing and I love metal music. Papa, Is it wrong? I don’t like makeup, I don’t like wearing suits, I like crop tops and shorts.Β  I like photography, I like traveling alone.
I like to befriend guys and hang out with them. One day a neighbor saw me with them and I was named slut of the society. I’m not a slut neither a bitch. I’m just a different girl. I won’t ever mend myself to this so called undead subtle society.

Mama asked me to change myself because of the area we live in. She says it’s dangerous to wear short clothes. Yesterday she was worried because a girl got raped by some thugs nearby our colony. People said she asked for it! They say it’s all about the clothing, all about being indecent. The victim killed herself. I was broken. I wish I knew how they worship goddess when rapist demons reside within them.
Mama was so worried, she asked me to stay inside the house. This weekend when guests arrived, she was embarrassed because I was wearing my shorts, she asked me to change into something decent. Decent? Is being comfortable indecent? Is making my choice of clothes indecent? Papa why is it that boys get to do everything they want? They can wear any type of clothes, no one will call them indecent.

Why can’t I be a professional boxer? why can’t I sleep all day? Why can’t I smoke and drink? Why can’t I befriend guys? What’s wrong in hanging out with them? Why can’t I laugh hard? Why can’t I roam streets wearing boxers? Is it because I’m a girl? Why am I born a girl?

Papa I try very hard to maintain my individuality, my origin, myself but will these things let me? If that’s how soceity works I’m better off without it.
I miss you dad, I really do. It’s not fair, you taught me to be happy and I’m living in a world which is deciding how much happy I should be. Sometimes I look upon stars and wonder if you are listening or not. I wish you are out there because if you’re not, this queen dies a slave. I miss you Paa “

your manly princess.



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