The Wedding blues

Another day, he walked towards his house. Crashing on the bed, holding back all the tears. News of her wedding struck him hard. Harder than anything. His heart sank with the weight of losing her to someone who doesn’t know her at all.
The words keep ringing in his head while he drank his 3rd beer, “It’s my wedding dude and you are going to give the best speech ever. No sarcasm just something good about me.”

His friends always used to ask him about his addiction to beer and nobody knew. Beer was the integral part of his conversations with her, without beer the conversations were sober.

Too late to make amends he started to prepare for a gift.

The farewell speech maybe? He wore his best suit. The one she liked the most. And took a beer.

Standing in the church listening the wedding bells he cried inside. The ladies were busy collecting flowers, the men drinking wine. And he stared at the guy hung on crucifix.
“Not a tiny bit of faith. I didn’t believe in you when I was a kid. I don’t believe in you now. Still I have this unbelievable urge to pray, to ask for your help. If you are as mighty as they say you are, then have mercy on this atheist.” He smirked.

And the moment arrived, his speech for his love, bride of someone else now.

Congratulations to the couple here. Cheers to a happy life.
So where should I start? From the day when I met her or from the day she kicked my ass. The bride is the most peculiar beautiful guy I’ve ever met. She is the only person who knows the brand of beer I prefer. The one she prefers.
We have been together since college and I can tell you all about the bride, still you won’t be able to comprehend her. She has a horrendous hobby of singing, which in some ways is meticulous for my ears. She loves to talk and I love to listen with my earphones on.
She is the person who can show you the light in your darkest days. She is the person who can lift you up when you need and then throw you down just for fun. But above all, she’s the one person you try not to fall for. The person who invades your soul and make you feel special. Even when you are not.
Her black eyes is just an illusion, her hair is always messy and her cheeks are always fluffy. She can kill you and getaway with murder with the innocent smile she possess. The one person who created a hurricane in my heart and drived my mind crazy. She’s the moment of bliss, the most cherished memory. She’s insane yet wise.
I can’t explain her,
Not when she’s too perfect to explain.”

Everyone cheered, she cried with happiness and he laughed with pain.

So you are not that mighty as they say, eh Jesus?”



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