The Wait

Again, I saw her again. At the bus stop, it’s been a month and I see her everyday at this same time in that proper corporate look. I noticed her, the black eyes, her hair, her tops, her love for the color black and her plump cheeks. I always come after playing football with my friends tired to take a bus home. I decided to talk to her today, reached the bus stop and waited for her to show up.

“Hi?” She was baffled and I could sense her uncomfort.
“I’m sorry, I see you everyday here. I was just.. um… intrigued. I wasn’t going to but today I had an unbelievable urge to make your acquaintance.”
“Why today?” She seemed rested.

” Today you didn’t keep your hair tied up. You have a completely different look.”
“Is it so bad?” She patted on her head.
“No no! Just the opposite.” I looked at her face and later realized I was staring.
“So is that it?”
“Uh.. no, Hi my name’s Vinay ” I smiled and wondered if she found it creepy.
“I know your name, noticed your jersey several times. Do you play in an academy or in a club?” She asked and I was glad she noticed me.
“I don’t, it’s just a college memory, was in the football team.”
“Good, My name’s Shreya. I live nearby.”
“I know your name, I noticed that ID card. You work in H.P. That’s something.” I see you everyday, how can I not know.
“Let’s say we both are observant.”
“Yes, that’s the word. I’m glad you talked to me, being a stranger other girls might have freaked out.”
“I know you are a good person, I saw you walking a blind person home and feeding the dogs. A guy who is good to a dog can never be a bad guy.”
“That’s a relief.”
“Sorry I need to go, Let’s meet again. I have to leave for my office right now.”
“Yeah, sure.”

And then we met everyday, exchanged numbers and talked about weird stuff. We were close friends. I was certainly in love, but as I said, friends.

“You are beautiful” I said it again.
“There you go again, don’t you know any other word.” she replied.
“I do”
“Then why just beautiful?”
You fail to understand the word. I didn’t say you are pretty, I said you are beautiful.  Pretty and beautiful are two very different words. Anyone can be pretty, gorgeous or stunning. You, you my girl.. you are beautiful. Not just because of your face, you have that beautiful soul, the brightest smile and then there’s that sunshine you squander. I’ve come across many different girls, many pretty ones, many sweet ones, but you are the only beautiful one. Someone so beautiful that I can’t describe. No other word fits you. I don’t know how to say it the right way. I’ll say the word everyday simply because I don’t have any other word.”
“And there you go with the writer thing again. Quite smooth”
” I know right”
“I wonder when you will find your forever beautiful one”
” I’ve found you. Just waiting.”
“For what?”
“For you. For your heart to open up and let me in. For you to sleep with my thoughts and wake up with my dreams. Just patiently waiting for your world to crumble for me just mine shakes for you. Waiting for something impossible to happen and I’m happy to wait even if it extracts my life because being with you will be the best moment one can ever think of.”

I pressed send and waited.



7 thoughts on “The Wait

      1. Responses are always tough, aren’t they? Balancing between reality, your own expectations, memories and then trying to present it as fiction.

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