The Watchdog

“Traitor! Animal! Beast!” They yelled outside the police station.

A political leader and his family was murdered by his own private guard  watchdog. All headlines read the same. The breaking news crashed the state. He poisoned everyone and ran away.. Police brought him in this morning.

I, being a journalist waited for my opportunity to create a big story and this was it. I somehow managed to get an exclusive interview of this traitor.


“Hello, My name is Vinay. I’m a reporter. I would like to listen to your side of the story.”

“Hahaha. They won’t let you print my story.”

“I believe they will. Please state your name and start by telling me how can a man like you smile after doing such a horrible thing? ”

“Man like me? Son, I’m a retired IPS officer and I didn’t do anything horrible.. It was for the best.”

“You killed everyone. You betrayed ’em.”

*sighs* “Yes, I did.”

“That makes you a terrible person.”

“You know nothing kid.”

“Then tell me, everything there is.”

“All right.

I was appointed to the ministers house as private security head an year ago. I was the most skilled and diligent in my work. The discreet behavior of my job was important too. I had to go with my employer everywhere. The minister always trusted me.”

” And you broke it.”

“Pfft! Listen to my end of story. I went on excursions with him, I went on trips with him. I became aware of his everyday work. I was named his watchdog. For an entire year I saw his horrible face. Yes, horrible face, the one he kept hidden from people. If they knew him they would have killed him themselves.”

“What exactly do you mean?”

” He was a blot. A corrupt leader who dealt only in money. Making buildings, bridges, roads everything was just fake. He took 50% of every budget he received from the government. Money wasn’t the only thing he was mad about. He was a pervert. He tried to rape his own secretary. He sexually abused women candidates by making them fake promises of parliament seats. He got away with everything. He had police in his pocket, CBI head was appointed due to him. He held everything in his hands.”

“Assuming that is true, why did you kill his wife and son?”

” His wife was a witch herself. She lured women into making love with her husband. I saw her beating one of he maids, leaving her half dead and naked to be laughed upon. The sight killed me from inside. The son was a molester and he used to think girls as his own property.”

“Why now? You were discreet for an year so why a sudden outburst?”

“It wasn’t sudden. I bottled up my anger for him, the lid opened when I saw his kid showing off his molesting skills to me. He abused me and my family too. I too have a daughter. Any father would do anything to protect his family.”

“So you poisoned them?”

I was the most trusted one. I earned the name watchdog, so i watched out for my family, for my nation. I was prepared for the worst. I know it won’t make a difference but at least it will start one. I’m no traitor.

Look at the irony I was a dog for an year, I became a human for once and they are shouting BEAST  outside. 

Which according to you is a better title? THE BEAST or THE WATCHDOG? “





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