And the days won’t end

These days just won’t end! I’m so tired of everything.”
“Woaah, relax fireball. Weekend’s coming.”
“Yeah as if it will change anything.”
” You can sleep as much you want.”
“You got a point.”
“I think-”
“You think? That’s a new one.”
“Stop displacing your anger.”
“I’m not angry, I’m just frustrated.”
“Tomato, ‘Tomah-to’ ”
“As I was saying, I think, which I often do, we should go out for the weekend. Any place you like. What say?”
“KFC or Subway? I have a new found love for subs.”
“Oh, Dear Lord of fat, I meant out of town!”
“What? It would be good.”
“All right, Where to?”
“Your pick. To hills or to sea?”
“I like hills.”
“But I love sea.”
“You want just to stare at breasts in colorful bikinis.”
“You know me so well.” I smirked.
“All right, sea it is. As long as you keep that smug face off me.”
“Aye Aye Captain.”

It went in accordance with the schema. I will make it her best birthday ever and I get to ogle at others. I’m a genius.

So I planned the weekend.
A nice trip to Kanyakumari would be nice. It wasn’t far from Madurai, the place where we were relocated by our host company. Kanyakumari had the most beautiful beach which depicted the infamous tri-color of ocean.

“C’mon! We need to leave right now!”
“Ya,I’m here.”
“I wonder why my best friend is a sloth.”
We find the souls we are most accustomed to. Sloth.” she winked.
“Right.” I couldn’t argue with her wink. It was not possible.

“Finally, Miss ugly looking sloth joins me on my expedition. I’m so privileged.” Are you kidding yourself? She looks beautiful. Okay, you got this. A heavy sigh followed.
“You are welcome.” She smiled
“Off to see the sea.”
“It’s suppose to be a great trip. No more puns.” She eyed me. The message was clear.
“As you wish, your highness.”
She smiled. The one others don’t notice. The one I did.

“Okay, so what’s the plan?” She asked.
“We are going on a ferry to the island nearby, then will go for deep sea diving and ultimately my favorite thing.” I winked.
“Your favorite thing?”
“Food.” I chuckled.
The trip was soothing. She certainly being the sloth disrupted every plan. Sleep, her favorite thing. At the end of every day she sang and danced with the locals.
At the last night everything was slow.
Suddenly everything mattered, the low lights, the locals, the dance, the music, the wind, the sea, the moths and her.
She looked mesmerizing. Her tiara, the maroon dress and her hair added to her charm. I couldn’t look away.
Don’t. Make it stop. I don’t need any feelings. None for her.
I stood up and moved further forward on the beach. The strife within me continued. On one hand she was the perfect person I can be with, a better one. On the other, I might lose this person. So I stayed put but the strife continued.
There amidst of my helpless state I couldn’t decipher why I fell for her in the most unexpected place. Life is a bitch, isn’t it? I chuckled to myself and once again I was lost in the voice of sea, sound of the folksong and thoughts of her.

The dream broke when she screamed in my ear.
“Hahahahaha” she laughed hard.
“Stop laughing. You impaired me”
“What were doing here? Even your beer is empty” she pointed to the finished bottle.
“I was just feeling the bree-” I wasn’t finished when the wind gushed through us. Her hair welcomed the wind and the moonlight caressed her face.
“Umm.. breeze.. I meant breeze.” I was flushed. It wasn’t suppose to happen. I took control.
It seemed fine. Taking control. It would be so easy just to hold her and tell her. But with the risk of losing her, it wasn’t worth it. I cannot lose her. Not today. Not anyday. Never.

She sat beside me.
“Vinay, thanks for the lovely trip.”
“Here” I handed her a sea shell “happy birthday Shreya.”
“Thank you. This trip was a great gift”
“I’m glad.”
” I hope these days don’t end.”
“Ahan”  Me too.



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