The Rebel

The most unexpected places are usually the epicenter of unexpected encounters. I bumped into my schoolmate while traveling to college in my gruesome routine. A happy grin marked my face and I started living in nostalgia.

It was her again. The rebel, the trend setter, the free soul, the Ankita. I was mostly familiar with her but the wild soul hid more than anyone could fathom. She had this zeal for fashion, for her only passion.
Others looked her as a diva, as someone who is way out of our league. She was like the open sky resembling freedom, the sky no one could touch. Reaching her was a tedious task. The vastness and unpredictability made her even more of a mystery. A mystery which was challenged everyday, a mystery of adventurous rides, a zillion vibes yet an open book.
I met the rebel in school. The days of innocent children coming out of shells to face the teenage. She was my first new acquaintance, my first friend from the female sex.
Girls are supposed to be introvert, reserved, quiet, aren’t they? She was the opposite. While others found it offensive to culture, I found her amusing. The society asked for a girl and they get this happy creature, a stereotype breaker, an outspoken evil little demon with small skirts and freedom.
I remembering her saying, “I don’t care” before it was cool. She’s the person who girls bitched about and guys drooled over her curves. And her, she didn’t care.

“Heyaa bitch”
“Hi babe” I was happy. We hugged long enough to make older guys bite their toungue and other guys to mumble curses for me.
“How and why did puberty did a fantastic job on you & not me?”
“C’mon you look good too.. . . Uhhh… forget it, you have a point.”
“Sad life.”
“Just yours, anyway how are you?”
“Not hot-”
“- and currently glad”
“Glad that you met me.”
“Exactly. What are you doing here? I thought you avoided public transport.”
“I do. Just here to drop a friend off”
“Okay, I was here on a group project thing”
“Engineering stuff?”
“No wonder you look gloomy. C’mon I’ll give you a ride.”
“I wouldn’t say no.”
“Vinay, meet my love.”
“Yes, your soulmate, how can I ever forget this bullet.”
“The only one.”
Soon we were riding towards my ‘beer’; our alternative for my bar.

I saw her gulp down 4 beers and stay sane. Insane may be the same for her. Her wondrous ability of creating a joyous atmosphere clenched my mind.
Behind the veil of beautiful eyes and badass look, she was still the cheerful schoolgirl with a knack for fun. How well she hid her nightmares, her ruptured paths and her wounds, was amazing. She’s beautiful, in the most innocent sense of word. Her subtle smile blew everyone off and her presence made heads turn. I wasn’t in love but I certainly fell for that devilish grin.
I can’t remember how time flew to the point where I had to watch her leave.
The point where I knew I would be sad again. We hugged and the blissful moment passed. I knew it would return soon.

I would write everything but everything is not everything. Rebel for words too, huh?



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