Little Closer

The alarm clock roared the most irritating voices while I struggled to wake up from the half dead condition I was in.

I was living the same morning for 2 years now and all I learnt was new ways of taking Mondays off.

It only took 3 days to get myself a house but I wasn’t able to make it a home yet. Mom’s cooking and dad’s scolding was missing from the mixture of Mediterranean food and unkempt hair. The company assured a stable income and a beach house. I was a better asset to the company than other members of the department. I simply didn’t care.

The only hope, the beacon of light was the street dog that followed me to the office everyday. In return I used to bring him raw pork from the shop behind. They say that close friends develop similar functions when they stay together, so did we. We both loved non-veg, we both believed in sharing, we ogled at females and barked at strangers. We developed a relationship among us.

The weekends were spent with both of us glancing at the waves and staring into horizon. It was just another evening and as usual the wind changed it’s direction,  waves splashed at the rocks and sea started to get rough.

“Do you know that a person’s life can be measured in both high and low tides?”

“Uhh.. Wha-..” A female voice startled me.

“High tides and low tides.” She pointed at the sea.

“Well I do believe so.” A mild chuckle followed.

“What kind of tide is inside your head?”

I wasn’t expecting this question. Her eyes were fixed on my face and I couldn’t fathom why. Maybe she was trying face reading or psychic stuff. Bryn barked and I spontaneously answered, “Every kind.”

“That’s very unexpected. You had the look of a guy who has lost everything. ”

I patted the dog. “Not everything.”

“I’m intrigued. ”

“That’s a quality of mine. I know how to create suspense.”

“Would you care to disclose the details?” She smiled, “I’m Shreya. I noticed you two immersed in deep thoughts. I’m sorry to intrude.”

“Don’t be. We are idle after all.”

I couldn’t let her leave. A girl (real one this time) has dared to talk to me. Maybe this is fate. Maybe a dream. Maybe I’m losing my senses.

Bryn barked and broke me out from the zone. A real freind.

“Umm. . I’m sorry, I’m not accustomed to any other company other than this species.” I patted him while he wagged his tail.

“Considering the uncanny resemblance. I can understand. ”

” Hahaha, Yes, I always wanted a witty one”

“Ahhh, nice one.”

“I’m Vinay, the most peculiar organism around.”

“Yes, I can tell.” She chuckled.

*screaming internally* Yes.

All I wanted was suddenly provided to me with a simple evening. A familiar atmosphere of bliss filled my mind and she became more than a friend in few meetings.

“What’s your place like?”

“Spacious, luxurious and lonely. Closer to house but not to home.”

“A pretty melancholic definition.”

“You asked for it.”

The day passed quietly until I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Hey, you see I wasn’t going to write this but I seem to fail every time I want to convey it. I know I’ve been the most peculiar guy , the most awkward of people you know but there’s a revelation I want you to see. We both have been friends for a long time now, the journey from strangers to best friends have been amazing.

The moment I saw you, there’s a tingling sensation maybe because of the instant crush I developed.  I know nothing of love, though I have read about it, seen it in movies, felt it around the couples, I’m still ignorant of it. I don’t know if I love you so I won’t say it, instead I like you to the extent of being with you when sun shines in thr morning till the nightfall. I like to be lazy with you, I like to play with your hair, I like to look into the horizon with you, It’s an endless list of moments. I want to be with you, as my girlfriend, as my partner, as someone who will like me too. I have heard that love destroys too, but I’m willing to take risks with you, somehow it’s fun. I don’t want your answer right now, I don’t expect there would be an answer. But even it is for one moment, I wish this could happen.” Few deep breaths and send.

The reply came.

“Meet me tomorrow at the spot.”

Damn. Proper grammar and punctuation. It’s over, she probably called to slap or kick me. Why did I send that? I jeopardized everything.

And here it was, the judgment day.

She was already there.

I sat beside and braced for the impact.

“What was the text last night?”

“Uhh- I-”

“Were you drunk?”

“No but-”

“What if I join you and make it a home?”

I wasn’t sure what I heard was true or not. It was definitely a hoax. It’s comforting but she ain’t that stupid. Is she?


“Yesterday you said it was just the house, so can I make it a home?”

I was stunned. Maybe I was drunk?

“You know you shouldn’t keep a lady waiting.”

“uhh-  if I may?” I stood up and cupped her cheeks.


I kissed her with all my experience of watching it in the movies. It was my first and I failed miserably. It wasn’t perfect. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be. It was perfect. Even Bryn rejoiced and gave a sly look. That son of a bitch.

It wasn’t late when the three amigos became a family.

After moving in, we had the most innocent nights on the terrace. I was still getting used to the pretty company.

There she was, walking closer to me. The moonlight was shunned by her beauty, her black eyes inherited from greek goddess, her hair curled around her red cheeks. The view was impeccable with her being the centre. I wondered what I have done to receive such a blessing bestowed in the most beautiful form. I loved her, in a way that universe can ever comprehend. It was simple as well as complex. It was just me and her. Just me and my world.

She brought me a beer, sat beside me and asked,

“A little closer to home?”

The bottles chimed.

“Yes, a little.”


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