The unrequited letter

I am still here. I’ve been waiting. 

“C’mon let’s go, what are you reading?”

“I just found this in the book. ” I showed her the old letter.

“What’s this?”

“A kind of old love letter”

” Awww, read it.”

” No, I’ll put it back right where it was. ”

” What’s the problem? you want to read it too!”

She was right, I wanted to. Not because it was a love letter but because the letter head mentioned waiting.

“Okay, I know you won’t climb down my ass!”

” Yay!”
Hey, I know we haven’t seen each other in a while. Hope you are doing fine. I’m sorry, I haven’t even introduced myself yet. I’m Josh, I own the bakery shop nearby. Reading is my hobby and thanks to that, I met you. 

The first time I saw you, you. were indulged in a verbal disagreement with the librarian. You had fierce look in your eyes and all the anger made your cheeks red. It was cute. 

The second time I noticed you, you were reading with your spectacles on. You played with your hair while reading. I didn’t know if you were more lost in the moment or I was. 

I noticed you are a highborn while I was just another part of a mob. I sat beside you and you smiled at me. It was the day I desired to be a reason rather than a spectator of your smiles.

Then two days later, you came into my shop. You have a great voice, you were polite and you just smiled at me every time you looked at me. It was ecstatic. I didn’t know your name yet I named the happiness pie after you. 

 But hey, even happiness has to phase out someday. I remember when you arrived with him, your fiance and bought the pie. I remember you not smiling that day. I remember you not reading the book you got. 

I’m sorry, I should have come quicker, but I was afraid of being rejected. A lowlife fantasy for a high born lady. Taboo. 

So I’m writing this letter, for you to read it and decide whether the happiness pie is an appropriate name or not. 

I know this is your favorite book, I’m keeping this piece of me for you to read. 

I love you, happiness. Hope the pie stays. 

Your baker


” Wait! It’s torn!”

” I know, I’m searching for the last piece.”

” Vinay, what do you think happened? Did the girl found this? ”

” I don’t know.”

” Have you ever written something like this for someone?”
I looked up. I stared at the letter and scoffed.

” No.. Never got a chance. ”

Shreya looked at me intently as she was about to say something, she bit her lip and decided to remain silent. I decided to remain silent too.

” I found it! ”

” What does it say?”

To whoever else finds this.

I am still here. I’ve been waiting.


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