The same stories

“Great, perhaps now we can meet her at last?” my mother gave me the sly nod.
“Wha.. Oh … right.. Ah, her.. Yes someday for sure.”

I forgot the biggest lie I told to my parents! A girl of my dreams; partly their dreams, I had manifested 2 years ago to escape the Indian wedding trap.

The one parents create to trap two independent souls into the vortex of marriage. I have already seen 3 girls and it was horrible, so I made an imaginary girlfriend who I wanted to marry someday.
“Son I hope she knows the household chores? Cooking at least?”

“Yes, she cooks dinner for us very often.” I could hear the stash of cup noodles laughing at me.

“Okay, we’ll see you both this weekend. Take care and do something about that beard.”

“Sure, love you too maa.” I sighed.
Great, now I have to find someone beautiful with exceptional cooking quality and likes me. That’s next to impossible! I’ll do something about that later. And later became tomorrow, tomorrow became never.

I always had a rule not to sit out and wait for the flight, instead grab a book and read. So I got up and walked towards the book store. I’ve always admired book stores, the single place with access to numerous worlds.

“The tattooed fakir?” I heard someone say “Excuse me, is this a good novel?”

I turned to see this beautiful amazing novel, held by a girl of exceptional looks. Her voice soft and it was just as I fantasized in one of my dreams.

“Yes, this is one of the best pieces here. You will love it.”

“You have read it? ”

” Yes I have, it’s a very meticulously woven story.”

“Then I’ll take this one. Thanks uh..”

“Vinay, nice to meet you..”


“Will you have a care for a coffee, maybe?”

“Um.. Yeah, I have some time to kill.”

“Great, after you..”

” Don’t you have to get a book?”

“Oh, I might have found a story already.”

” Do you always hit on stories?” She chuckled.

” Only when they are of my genre.”

” What’s your genre ?”

” Fiction, Thriller, Mystery ”

” But the story here is not fictional.”

” In my experience, this kind of exceptional beauty has always been fictional.”

” So, now will u revert back to reality?”

” Coffee works.”

” You have a way with words.”

” You led a path to words.”

Beautiful, check

Humorous, check

Bibliophile, check

Laughs at my jokes, check

Still talking to me, check

Not imaginary, check

“What are you doing? You seem lost.”

“Making a mental note. ”


” Not to ruin this moment. ”

“Hahaha, hopefully you won’t.”

“So, Where you headed?”

“New Delhi, I’m visiting my parents.”

” So am I, though I’m also preparing for a earful.”

” What? Why?”

” This is way too weird and either you will laugh and walk away or you will walk away first and then laugh.”

“Oh, you make me curious. Go on, I can handle the weird.” She winked.

” I made up a fake girlfriend to avoid seeing girls. Just so my parents won’t force me for marriage. My mother asked me to bring her with me. As you can see, I just have an old book, maybe I’ll marry it.” She didn’t laugh. Did she even listen?

“Oh dear, you are not alone in the weird category then.” She chuckled. “I did the same thing!” She laughed.

” Wait, did you do the exact same thing?”

“Yes I did. High-5! ”
“Hey, just an idea of the top of my head, why not… um.. just pretend we are in relationship and meet our parents.. just to keep them happy. Do you mind?”

“Ah.. well, sure.. Let’s do that. ”

So we went according to the plan. Both our parents approved the relationship.
“Here have a beer.”

“Thanks. ”

” Cheers to the successful arrangement”


” You really are an amazing girl.”

” You are cool too.”

” It’s really very strange how we both had the same stories and the universe brought us together to the same spot.”

“Whoa, you weren’t kidding when you said you are good with words. And yes, this was a strange intervention.”

Just like that, we both left the conversation to our eyes. We didn’t speak a word.. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, how amazing her hair looked and how much I admired her smile, but when I looked into her eyes, it all seemed futile.

The spark, the amusement of that moment gave a beautiful feeling of bliss and I don’t know but something even strange happened.

“We are not pretending now, are we?”



“Well, the universe doesn’t want us to.”



6 thoughts on “The same stories

  1. wow, great post, really like it 🙂
    You have penned your thoughts so beautifully, I was reading it very sweetly!!
    I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing write up!!!keep writing and inspire us….
    Please do visit my blog when time permits, thanks in advance and see you there!

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