As you wish


“I’m sorry..” the guilt was visible in his eyes.

“What’s the problem?”

Nothing. ”

He replied in a single monotonous pitch. I know what nothing meant, he’s tired of answering the same question again and explaining the actual answer is a waste of time. So nothing seems more easy.

” You have been skipping your meals. I noticed.”

” I don’t have an appetite.”

“Why not?”

“Just mood swings. ”

” Don’t be a girl. Eat up.”

” I will when I want to, stop acting like my mother. ”

I was taken aback. I knew something was bothering him but I didn’t know it would shape up like this…

I didn’t nudge him any further, but the expressions on his face remained stoic. The same expression when I first met him..
A struggling writer with no regard for his life and his living conditions. He carried the same face everywhere, every time.. Even when he came to my office.

“Here, I am a writer and here’s my script- draft whatever you may call it.”

” And why do you think I will publish it?”

” Because you know what is a good story.”

” And there are lots of good stories out there. Why yours?”

Because I need money. “

I chuckled and I found his honesty cute. But his face didn’t change, eventually I got used to it.

Shortly after, we started dating.

“Hey Roboman? Why can’t you show any expression or emotion?”

” I can and I do when I work. ”

” Other than work! ” I was disappointed.

” Okay.. I will try to. ” He patted my head and held my hand tightly.

” Hmmm..” I didn’t know what to say at the moment, I was falling in love with a person who rarely shows any kind of enthusiasm.
” Here, read this.” He gave me his laptop.

It was a subtle morning and he had written a story again. I knew it would be nice, but the fact that surprised me was, the smile he wore that day. The smile he hadn’t shown in months.

” What is it about?”

Old promises. ”

” Nice, did you work on the title?”

” As you wish. ”

” No, I want you to give the title. ”

” The title is, As you wish. ” He chuckled.
” Oh, cool. ” I was charmed after seeing him happy.

” Open this too. ” He handed me a box, gift wrapped.

” You bought me a gift?” I was astonished.

” Yes. ” He smiled.

” OH Wha- Ofcourse YES!” The ring was seemed like a star in my hand.

” I am not good at this stuff. So I thought a present would suffice.”

” You are cute.”

” My mother wanted me to marry you. ”

” And you didn’t?” It was a sudden change of emotions.

” I second that opinion ” He laughed.

We were engaged happily

and until today..
“Here. ” I handed him the ring.


“No questions” I patted his head.

“But why?”

“You know it already. ” I pointed to the letter.

” What letter? ” I took the letter from the pile of paper and threw it towards him.
The envelope read,








As you wished..



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