As you wish -2

I heaved a sigh of relief. 

Was it fine? Another wishful thinking added another sinking feeling. Will he read the letter? Will he reply? Is it too late to contact him? Did I ruin everything? 

The questions will all be answered soon.

I closed my book and started seeking grubs. The look on my brothers face was full of doubt. He must have noticed me mumbling to myself.
” What is it?” He asked with the dubious nature of his voice.

” Nothing of relevance.”

” I have not seen you write in that particular diary since you came home 4 years ago, crying. ”

“Let’s not talk about that. ” I sighed, quite annoyed by the memory of that night.

That night…
” You aren’t wrong. ” I said.

” I know, but I’m not right either. ” He said “My publisher doesn’t like the ending. ”

” What’s the problem?”

” Here” he showed me his last line. ” The characters don’t connect at all. The guy is whimsical and the girl is a whole new world. ”

Isn’t what that is based on? A whimsical guy in search for a new world?” I tried to sound philosophical.

” Yes, maybe it is.” He bent forward and kissed my cheek. ” You are amazing as usual. ” He smiled.

” You are a nice writer, no one can ignore your words. ” I was happy.

” Okay, I will go talk to my publisher about this. Hope he doesn’t create chaos. You know I hate arguments. ”

“Yes I do. I believe he will listen to you.”

” He would have to. ” he said scratching his beard.
The afternoon was cozy until I received a call from his publisher.

” Hey, is this the queen?”

” What? Excuse me?”

” Your boyfriend is the king, right?” I could feel the annoyed breaths.

” What’s the matter, sir?”

” Your boyfriend hasn’t listened to my requests and is threatening to find another publisher. And on the top of that I saw him hitting on my personal secretary. So help him if you can, your majesty.” The sarcasm in his tone annoyed me.

” He wouldn’t do such a thing. I believe he was just kidding. ”

” Didn’t seem so. He said it all with a straight face.” Little did he know, my king cannot express emotions properly.

” Oh, I believe it would be fine. I’ll talk to him.”
Later that night, I tried to make sure to escape the conversation till dinner.

” So your boss called today.” I excepted a furious question, instead received a scoff.

” And? ”

” He was furious.”

” Typical”

” You aren’t leaving the job, are you?”

” Why? Does it matter?”

” Ofcourse it does.”

” Then you prefer me taking the job and writing according to their will?”

” No I didn’t mean that. ” The look on his face was full of doubt.

” Don’t worry. I talked to him today and convinced him to keep my ending intact.”

” Him or his secretary?” I didn’t realize what I just said.

” Doesn’t matter. She can do my work for me, he was being an asshole anyway.”

“Seems you are the one of the best writers she knows.” The sarcasm in my voice was coming from a unknown feeling of jealousy.

” Yes, she said the same thing.” He winked.

” You know I flirt with my colleagues too.” I mumbled.

” What? Why? ”

” Just like you, to get things done. ”

” You don’t understand, you are giving them false hope to get in your pants. ”

” They all know I have a boyfriend. ”

” Yet you are flirting with them. This sends a message. ” He was annoyed and cute at the same time.

” Why is it okay for you to flirt with girls and not for me?”

” Because of a simple reason, the girls don’t want to get me into their bed. ”

” It’s plain stupid. ”

” I don’t care. You won’t flirt with anyone ever.”

” You cannot order me around. ” My voice was intense, probably too intense for a person who is an introvert.

With the worst timing possible, my phone rang. It was Rahul, I promised him a dinner in exchange for his skills as a coder.

The message was visible to him too. It made him mad, so mad that he remained silent. The stoic silence on his face was a hint of a story coming. I was disappointed and furious. I left for the bedroom and crouched under covers.

He, opened his laptop and started writing. The sound of keys clicking were the only sound.

The next morning, I received an e-mail. A draft; of his another work.

That night was the last time I saw him.

“Here.” My brother handed me coffee.

”  Thanks ”

” Still thinking about it?”

” About what?”

” The draft you received years ago.” I wasn’t surprised, he was my big brother. Though he didn’t ask once, he still knew everything that happens with me.

” Hmmm.” I tried to smile.

” He will reply. ” He smiled and patted my head.
I opened the mail ;

That old draft ;

The title read..

As you wish


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