Red Door

” Can I get a smoke?” He asked pointing at the ashtray.

“Sure, make yourself comfortable.” I smiled.

” Don’t smile doctor, I know it’s one of the old tricks.

“What old tricks?”

“The one you just used. Make the person comfortable, get acquainted and then have your way.” he said scratching his beard.

” Oh I merely provide you with the comfort, you can leave if you feel mainpulated.”

“Clever doctor.” He chuckled.

“So tell me Mr. D-”

“Call me Rein, I like the name.”

” Okay, so Mr. Rein why do you seek my services?”

” Oh my friend asked me to pick a therapist of sorts. I simply picked you because you don’t disrupt my TV schedule.”

” But why? Do you feel something is wrong with you?”

” That’s your job doctor, I’m the patient.”

” So speak to me. How was your day? ”

” The same.”

” Define same.”

” It woke up today, had the same breakfast; eggs and toast. Washed myself up and then read the newspaper.”

” Was there anything new in the newspaper?”

” Oh nothing new, just more deaths, nothing relevant. ”

” How do you categorize relevance of something?”

“Hmmm, relevance depends on the world. You see, there are millions of people living on the planet. The world revolves around life but you, me and numerous others are just a speck of dirt. 


You see, us humans the perfect living organism, is filled with a selfishness so pure, it’s a virtue.

You would sit on a morning, read the newspaper, the death reports and just move on. Maybe you will talk about the manner of death over brunch but that’s all. You all will move to politics, sports and business section in no time.

So yes, deaths aren’t relevant. “

 The accuracy of the words pierced the noise of that rush hour.


” Are you selfless?”

” Oh no doc, I’m the same; just a bit different.”

” Different? How?”

” Well I see things, I hear voices which are hidden in the layers.”


“Your mind.”

“Okay.. So what did you do after reading newspaper.”

” I went to work. The same old work, write a code, execute it and send the output. After work, I took a small break to watch the park.”

” Watch the park? Do you work there as a volunteer?”

” Oh no, I watched it.”

” What did you see?”

People. Few hugging, few kissing, some jogging, some drinking, a few of them singing while others sleeping. They were so full of life. The kids were playing while the couples were kissing. It all seemed to stop right there, the rush, the greed, the need for money.

” Good, Does it feel good?”

” Oh yes it does.”

“Then what did you do?”

” I took a cab here.”

” All right. I don’t see anything wrong with you. You are perfectly fine.”

” Yes, I said that to her as well.”

” Her? ”

” Yes, my friend, Jane. ”

” Where is she right now?”

” I don’t know, must be sleeping somewhere.”

” Okay.”

” Doctor, since you are the specialist, tell me something.” I sensed his discomfort.

” Anything?”

” I see a Red Door in my dreams. Usually I forget the dream but that door is consistent.”

” Give me some specifics.”

” I don’t know doc, maybe it’s just a dream”

“I’m your friend Rein, you can rely on me.”

” You are?”

” Do you doubt me?” he chuckled.

“Most people are two faced just like those sleeping pills on your desk; white shell and the inner chemical. ” He tapped on the table and smiled. “Well doctor, ever had a nightmare?”

“Yes, but they don’t haunt me anymore.” I was wondering if he was the one reading me.

“Oh really? Do you believe it?” pointing at those pills.

“Yes I do.” Yes.

“Hahaha, amazing doctor. You know most people don’t. They lock up those nightmares in a box and throw the box away. That door, is my box.

“So what is behind that door?”

” Oh dear doctor,” he took a long drag and grinned. ” It’s a who.”

I saw the lad smile with a newfound sense of justice; both pure and terrifying.

“Who is behind that door, Rein?” I was curious and scared; I was enjoying myself.


*stay tuned for the second session*


6 thoughts on “Red Door

  1. Hey Vinay, there are just dialogues in this content. I was quiet not certain if you want it to be a play or a story. If a story, make it as descriptive as possible as that is what helps us enjoy the story the most

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