Red Door-3 

“There’s this voice, like a subconscious mind. it keeps speaking, screaming, scratching… making it’s way out.”

“This is our third session, Rein you need to tell me everything.”

“What happened last night?”

“I told you about that door, remember?” I nodded “You know that speaks to me.”

“What did it say?”

“It kept screaming and after a while it was a series of rhythmic knocks.”

“Rein, all this is in your mind. The door is not real.” 

“It is real doctor. As real as you and me.”

“Think about it Rein, It’s just a manifestation of your mind.”

“No it’s not!” He was screaming. My head started aching and his scream felt like a hammer. 

“It is.”

“It’s not! Look! Open your fuckin eyes!” He said, pointing at the door. 

“C’mon hurry up, It’s your first day !” 

“I know, stop nagging me.” Phew, calm down Kristen, It’ll be fine. You can go through this. I said, looking in the mirror repeated again. 

“Love you. I’m leaving for the job.” I had a long time to reach the hospital so I had time to kill. I took out the file they provided me, special cases they said.
A particular one caught my eye. The case was named,


“What are you saying?” 

“The door. It’s right in front of you!”

“Okay relax. Sit. The color of my door is white.” I faced such patients before too, ones with hallucinations. 

“Doctor, you are one of them!”

“One of who?” I was prepared for a long satirical answer. Patience was one of the key virtues in this job.

“One of them.”


“The men outside this door. “

“Care to explain?”

” The men who put on faces. The men with no face.”

“Every person has a face.”

“No, they don’t. They wear masks. Have you never seen someone who wore such masks?”

“No. Who did you see?”

“Everyone. The prettier their mask is, the lecherous that person is. Look at me, this is my real face. My friend I told you about, she dumped me here. I didn’t see beneath her mask. ”

“Is this a case of unrequited love? And don’t call it a dump. It offends me.”

” No, It’s a case of unrequited trust.

” You should head home, keep quiet. Have a nice nap.”

You don’t get it, do you? We can’t leave this place.”

“Welcome Miss Kristen, how do you like your new work place?”

“It’s great” I tried to be happy about it. 

“I reopened the case file,


Name : David Decker

Sex : Male

Date of birth: 15- June-1972

Place of birth : New Orleans

Occupation : Doctor

A doctor?!” I was baffled.

“Rein, what do you mean?”

“It’s true. We cannot leave.”

“What?” I didn’t believe at first.

“Door is right there,why don’t you try?”

“It’s easy, It’s my door, I even have the keys.” I reached for the keys and realized they were gone. The paranoia was closing in on me.

“C’mon doc.”

I walked upto the door, turned the knob and it didn’t budge. The door was locked. I  called out and no one responsed. 

“Rein, what did you do?”

“Oh no, this isn’t my doing.”

“Then who did it?” I was angry.

“You still don’t understand, do you?”


“Hey can you talk me through Reinfall case?”

“Oh, the best case around here.”

“A famous one, eh?”

“Yes, come I’ll show you.”

“Yes please.”

“This case attracts many people, mostly writers, philosophers and freaks.”

“Yeah, I read his file. David was a doctor?”

“Yes, a psychiatrist. A very good one too.”

“What happened?”

“You read the case file, didn’t you?”

“I did. The reason they gave was a trauma.”

Yes, traumatic stress broke him up.”

” Love?”

“Aren’t we all vulnerable when in love?

I nodded “So where is he?” I noticed we were already to the basement.

“In the isolation chamber.” 

“Which chamber?”

“Oh I forgot, you are new here. The isolation chamber, the one with the red door.” He pointed at the long end of the corridor.

Just as I walked closer, I heard the banging.

“–we are the same.” Rein grinned.


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