White and Gray

“Which is your color?”

“Black” I replied.

 I asked mum what color the sky was and she said blue. I imagined what was blue like? Was it a happy color? or was it a sad color? Did it brighten the day or dampen it? I didn’t know and I wondered what is it like to people who weren’t colorblind. 

I remember when my teacher asked everyone which is their favorite color and everyone named colors like blue, green , red , yellow, purple. 

I said black and all the kids stared at me.

But why am I telling this to you?  

Oh yes! I remember.. Yesterday I saw an unusual color. It was not black, it was not dull either. It was a different color. I don’t know what it was. It was a shade of red maybe but unusual. I gazed at her color and it was a happy color. I wish to see it again.

“Are you still on your laptop? Do you want dinner or not?”

We shall continue this later. 
“Vinay, these are our new neighbors. Greet them well.”

“Oh yes. Welcome.” I didn’t expect to find that color walking in my house for dinner. I was grateful for the first time; such public interventions bored me, simply because of their dull colors.

Everyone had a color; hers was beautiful.


“Hello, I’m Shreya.” She smiled and it was suddenly red

“I’m Vinay.” and I responded with a stupid smile. 

“What do you do?”

“I write.”

“Cool.” She seemed excited and it was suddenly yellow.

We started talking and it was all very colorful. I told her I’m colorblind and she took my hand and pointed to every color of the surroundings.

I couldn’t see colors but eventually I started feeling them.

“How do you pick your shirts?” she asked.


“I was wondering this lately, how does a colorblind person goes shopping?”

“Really? You are really thinking that?” I chuckled.

“Yes I am. Is it strange?”

“No it’s not. To be honest, I let my mom pick up clothes for me.”

“Oh now I know!”


“The reason you have so many shades of red and yellow.”

“Well they seem dull to me. Anyways, there aren’t any pink ones.”

“I wouldn’t say so.” She pointed at my shirt and started laughing. 

I was embarrassed and joined in later.

“This feels good.” she said.

“The pink?”

“No! Being with you.” she held my hand. It was suddenly white.

As soon as I reached home, I opened my laptop and continued…

I’m here again. Remember I told you about my favourite color. Well now it’s white. I know it’s ridiculous but the fact is I can see white and now I can feel it too. 

Yes, I can be hysterically funny but I guess it is kinda fun falling in love. 

The world seems white now. How strange.

But today I noticed something. She was with this guy, someone with a dull color.. and she was having fun. I didn’t understand how that mixture seemed working out. I felt jealous of that color for the first time. It was suddenly deep red. 

It’s weird describing feelings as a mixture of colors and words; both indifferent to me. 

“Hey Shreya.” I waved.

“Oh hi, can you help me?”

“Yes, what’s up?”

“Can you help me buy a gift for a friend?”

“Yeah sure. What does she like?”

“It’s a he and uh.. he’s my.. boyfriend. And you cannot tell that to anyone.” she winked.

“Oh, haha.. yeah ofcourse. Count on me.” I blurted.

“Thanks, now let’s go.” 

And it was suddenly deep blue.

Hello again. A long time now, huh? Well there are few updates. Today I walked in the rain. Yeah I know that doesn’t sound like me, but I did and I could see dark shades of clouds. Also I saw her house on the way back, I saw her painting a picture in her room. I don’t know anything about painting but I know my color wasn’t required. 

You remember, right? I reverted back to favorite color, black. It didn’t stay long.

I guess she left some white in me, I’m gray now.


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