The doll

“Mumma, she’s pretty.” 

“Yeah she is.”

“Can I take her home?” 

“Yes, you can.” And that was the moment she picked me up. All I could see was a big smile on her face. 
Soon after our first meeting, I became her best bud. She would never leave me. I would walk with her, have tea with her, make clay puppets and sleep with her. 

Those were the best days of my plastic life. I was happy and she was happier.
One day she carried me to school and showed me to her classmates. Suddenly I was the reason for gleeful smiles and giggles. They dressed me up like a princess and then like a school girl. Everyone was happy when suddenly a girl said, “Did your daddy buy this?”

And my best friend became sad “My mumma did. Daddy doesn’t come home.”
Later that day, I overheard the conversation between her and her mom.

“Mum, where is daddy?”

“Baby, daddy is in a very nice place. He’s watching you.”

“But why doesn’t he meet me?”

“He will surely.” I saw her mother choking on words.

“He never brings me any present and never shows up for my birthday.” She started crying “Mumma, does he hate me?”

“No baby, no.. he does not. He loves you sweety. Now go back to bed, I’ll read you a story.”


I listened to the her sniffling and falling asleep. 

I saw her mom cry and sob awake in the night. I knew nothing of human emotions and yet I felt grief seeping into both of them.

Days went by and I saw her, forgetting her dad like a memory locked in a box.
Another beautiful day and she was leaving for school. She took me as usual hidden inside her school bag.
“Bye mom.”

“Bye sweetheart. Take care.” 
It was a pretty usual day until someone else came up to pick us up after school.
It was her father

Her father, the one she has been waiting for years.

“Hello Elli, I have been wanting to meet you.” The man said.

“Dad?” I could sense she was about to cry.

“Yes baby. Your mom asked me to pick you up from school, giving you a surprise.” He opened his arms wide. 

“Dad? Is that you?”she started sobbing. “Where were you? I missed you.”

“I just got back from work. I missed you too.” I was happy and I saw the reunion of a child and a parent. It was beautiful.

“Let’s go back. Your mom is waiting.”

“Yes.” I was happy, she was happy. Everything made perfect sense.
“Daddy, where are we going?”

“Your mother threw a welcome party at my parents’ place. We are going there. Do you need anything? We can stop by Burger King if you want.”

“Really? Mumma never allows me to eat there. She thinks junk food is the worst.”

“Right then, do not tell that to her.” I waited in the car while got their burgers. 

I never saw her happier than that.
“Are we here yet?” Elli asked.


We got out of the car and entered a lone house in the woods. There was no party, no people or her mom. The house was empty. 

“Where’s mom?” 

“Come.” He took her hand and went upstairs. We entered in a room and he threw Elli on the bed and cuffed her to the foot. Then walked away.

The ephemeral happiness was gone and came a terrifying sensation of an eleven year old.

I was horrified at the scene. I looked into the cuffs and then at Elli. I didn’t know what happened. Elli started fidgeting, screaming , crying and eventually… she fell asleep

He came later and stood at the door, staring at Elli with an expression of an animal. I knew what was up. I knew how this will go. Only if I could move, I would save my Elli.

The next morning, we woke up to the breakfast that man made. He looked at her and asked her to eat.

“I don’t want to. It hurts.” She said pointing to the cuffs. 

“Okay.” He uncuffed her. 

“Why are you hurting me dad?” The poor 11 year old asked. 

“I am sorry, Elli. Have some breakfast, I will come by later and we will play a game.” 

“But.. Where’s mum?

“You will see her soon.”

“I want to meet her right now.”

“Finish your breakfast.” He left.

I saw her eating and sobbing. She stood up and looked out of window. She said we were in a forest and held me close to the window. I saw huge trees, not a single sign of another life.

I was wary of the situation we were in. Elli was kidnapped by the man who claimed she was her daughter.
The next time he entered was with the lunch. He didn’t say anything. He just watched her eat and left. 

He came back at night, I expected he would bring supper. But this time he didn’t bring anything

He asked Elli to stand up and take a bath. Elli did as instructed. 

After she returned, he asked her to strip. Another horrified feeling overtook my plastic nerves. And the night was long, all I heard was screaming, crying and thrusting

At a point, I was happy I was a doll, not a human. 

The next morning, I saw Elli coming out of the bathroom, dressing up and standing by the window. 

She took me and put me by the window. She took the bedsheet and tied it to the foot of bed. I knew what was up. I tried moving, stopping her but I couldn’t

She tied us to the bedsheet and she said, “We are going back home.”

We jumped from the window.

And I heard, 

“Where’s mom?” After we landed.

That’s the last thing i remember.